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Dusuade Motion Package 2.5

Last modified: 10-19-2010@01:31 | Downloads: 1070 | Page views: 11383
Dusuade Motion Package 2.5
The Desuade Motion Package is the first and only AS3 library for Flash that has been built with tweening, sequencing, and physics – all in one integrated package. Imagine being able to create any kind of motion that you'll ever need, using a single syntax

The package consists of the following components:

- MotionControllers: design animations based on a sequence of virtual keyframes
- Sequences: easily create powerful sequences with any motion object
- Tweens: make efficient and powerful tweens that include bezier and color
- Physics: animate naturally using velocity, acceleration, and friction

To top it off, most of the package is directly configurable with XML - generate, save, share, and load complex animations through XML. Relax knowing your animations are future-proof, and even cross-compatible with other engines.