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Flare 0.6

Last modified: 03-17-2006@12:52 | Downloads: 24436 | Page views: 65340
Flare 0.6
Flare is a freeware ActionScript decompiler. Flare processes an SWF and extracts all scripts to a single text file. Only ActionScript is extracted! Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

• The Windows version works as an Internet Explorer extension: after installation right-click on any SWF file in Windows Explorer and choose Decompile from context menu. Flare will decompile the swf to a simple text file. You can then open it with your favorite text editor. If Flare encounters problems during decompilation, it will display some warnings.
• The MAC OS X and Linux versions are command line applications.
• Flash MX 2004 Support