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swfXXL 1.05

Last modified: 11-02-2002@01:47 | Downloads: 1765 | Page views: 9875
swfXXL will turn any Flash (swf) file into a fullscreen sized application that will run without any loss of speed! This means that, for the first time, you will be able to create complete full-screen games, movies or any interactive applications, just using Flash™ - and swfXXL!

Don't let the slow flashplayer bother you any longer! As soon as swf files are scaled to full screen size, the performance of the flashplayer drops like a stone. swfXXL makes use of the possibilities of DirectX to bring your animation, game or any kind of flash artwork to fullscreen size, running at the same speed as if played in the original small window! Choose from several different screen-resolutions: 640x480, 512x324, 320x240 or 320x200 ... All you need is a Flash-Projector-File - swfXXL will do the rest. swfXXL is compatible to all versions of Flash, including FlashMX.