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NOAH 3.4

Last modified: 05-16-2006@17:15 | Downloads: 3 | Page views: 8964
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NOAH is a Flash-based system that enables you to use a NOAH avatar for web-based, Flash-based, or CD-based projects. Great for e-learning applications or adding life to your web page

• Dynamic: NOAH moves around and communicates with your user, grabbing their attention, delivering essential messages and pointing out important information on the page
• Engaging: NOAH displays a full range of emotions, bringing excitement and attitude to your site
• Navigational Aide: NOAH guides and encourages visitors through cart completions
• Interactive: NOAH can interact with your visitor, reading user inputs and reacting appropriately.
• Fast: No loading problems (less than 25K); no downloads (Flash-based)
• Play options: play onLoad; play onLoad first time then not for X days; play onClick
• Controllable: With the Professional account, NOAH runs from your server, not someone else's
• Easy to implement: Use the editor to tell him what to do, then insert 2 lines of code to your web page.
• Flexible: Use for web pages, Flash movies, CD-based presentations, forms, shopping carts.