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Astro 2.02

Last modified: 06-17-2005@21:47 | Downloads: 7371 | Page views: 23816
Astro 2.02
The new version of Astro creates real-time Flash text effects. There is a choice from more than 450 text effects and over 80 other Flash effects.

Astros simple interface turns the creation of professional Flash text effects and banners into a very simple task. And with a choice of hundreds of text, foreground and background effects, Astro will never let you dissatisfied!

The text effects themselves can be altered by adjusting the effect parameters. Each effect can be altered in a limitless amount of ways. If you are very satisfied with your altered effect, you can bookmark it, thereby adding this as an additional effect to the Astro program. Bookmarks can be saved and even exchanged with other Astro users.

Astro is a result of the combined forces of Patrick Jansen Design and Goldshell Digital Media. It adds the creative force of Patrick Jansen Design to the Flash programming skills of Goldshell, resulting in a program offering fantastic Flash text effects, with great flexibility, unlike any text effects program seen before.