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Chameleon Flash 1

Last modified: 09-12-2007@11:36 | Downloads: 1794 | Page views: 13448
Chameleon Flash 1
Chameleon Flash creates protected stand-alone EXE applications and SCR screensavers with a lot of features from any SWF flash projects .

• Smart file system
• Custom application window
• Custom application icon
• Real transparency support
• Full-featured screensavers
• Advanced flash commands
• Strong file compression
• Accessing files - on-the-fly - without unpacking them to the hard disk
• Compiling large files into a separate .dat file
• Prevention of stealing the SWF sources using SWF decompilers
• Integrity check
• Previewing the application without compiling it
• Auto-generating screensaver installer
• Trial-limited applications.