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FlashInApp 2.5

Last modified: 11-25-2009@21:17 | Downloads: 577 | Page views: 7433
FlashInApp 2.5
FlashInApp is a Cocoa framework, developed by Eltima Software for managing Adobeč Flash movies in any application on Mac OS X.

Contains a set of classes, which provide any application with the abilities to play SWF files, manage their playback, communicate with them via External API, FSCommands or Variables, control external resources loading, and much more.

FlashInApp classes enable your applications to interact with Flash Player plugin and SWF files themselves.

Implementing FlashInApp in application extends its functionality in several time. Flash is able to handle sounds, video and images. With FlashInApp application will be able to work with all these media files too. Additionally, FlashInApp allows creating custom-shaped windows and running your Windows Flash-enabled applications GUI on Mac.

With FlashInAppp users can easily create amazing Flash interfaces for any of Mac applications, add a tutorial or anything else.