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EasyFLV FLV Converter 6

Last modified: 09-29-2007@13:35 | Downloads: 887 | Page views: 8629
EasyFLV FLV Converter 6
EasyFLV FLV Converter converts your video files to FLV format for web streaming. The supported source formats are MPEG, AVI, WMV, ASF, MOV, Mp4, VOB and DAT. Watermarks the encoded video as well.

The FLV Converter uses a dual engine encoding and also provides a single engine encoding option for quick encode. The other unique feature is that it can watermark your video file with a text while doing the conversion. This watermark feature is helpful since it allows to brand and personify your videos especially if you are submitting your videos to video sharing sites. The FLV Converter also comes with a built-in FLV Player to test playback of your converted FLV files. Lastly it also inserts FLV metadata for proper FLV playback.