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FlashDevelop 4.4.0

Last modified: 04-29-2013@03:22 | Downloads: 6288 | Page views: 38742
FlashDevelop 4.4.0
FlashDevelop offers first class support for ActionScript (2 & 3) and Haxe development. Great completion & code generation, projects compilation & debugging, plenty of project templates, SWF/SWC exploration etc.

- AS3 Project management with seamless and optimized Flex SDK integration
- AS2 Project management with seamless SWFMILL and MTASC integration (using a portable standalone command line tool)
- Advanced Actionscript completion & exploration with automatic classpath detection (even without project)
- MTASC code checking with clickable error results
- Integrated SWF player and socket logger

Other Features

- Types Explorer
- Automatically cleans ASO files of modified AS2 classes
- Files explorer (can create Flash 8 Trust Files for you)
- Automatic JavaDoc creation from methods
- Smart Actionscript help websearch on F1
- Jump to class/member declaration on F4
- Test movie in Flash IDE
- XML, HTML/PHP, JS, CSS code highlighting,
- Multibyte character encoding
- Program menu customization with XML files
- as2api GUI for documentation generation
- Snippets
- Lines bookmarks
- Code folding
- Zoom