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Imperator °Fla 4.0

Last modified: 05-07-2007@01:26 | Downloads: 20481 | Page views: 51393
Imperator °Fla 4.0
Imperator °Fla generates .fla files with Flash 6 (MX), Flash 7 (MX 2004), Flash 8 or Flash 9 (CS3) library from the selected input SWF and thereby makes it possible to alter the content of a SWF even when the corresponding FLA got lost.

Imperator °Fla recovers:

• Actions
• Buttons (eliminating graphically identical buttons)
• Classes (extracting the *.as files relative to the destination path)
• Components (with initialized variables)
• Environment Settings (backgroundcolor, framerate, height, width, etc.)
• Frame Labels
• Library Linkages
• Mask Layers
• Media Importpaths (for extracted media-files)
• Morph Shapes
• Pictures
• Shapes
• Sounds
• Sound Events
• Sprites (MovieClips)
• Textfields
• Videos
• All Timelines (rearranging them under FLA-compatible terms).