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Flash user interface

Flash User intarface components. Scrollers, preloaders, tooltips


Last modified: 1236729619 | category: user interface | dload#: 327 | type: commercial
A Flash color picker with basic and advanced modes which include HEX, RGB, CMYK and HSV formats as well as a built-in eyedropper tool. Users can create and save their own color palettes for each instance of the colorPicker.


Last modified: 1234045229 | category: text effects | dload#: 570 | type: commercial
The AS3 version of our flashTooltip. This component allows you to easily add a descriptive window that appears when the user moves their mouse over Flash buttons or movie clips. The tooltip may contain text, images or SWFs.

ultimateScroller PRO

Last modified: 1236721733 | category: user interface | dload#: 394 | type: commercial
ultimateScroller PRO
ultimateScroller is an easy to use Flash scroller component written in AS3, that can scroll movie clips and dynamic text fields. Includes drag scrolling, easing, motion blur, mouse wheel scrolling and CS3 skinning.

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