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FlashOnDesktop 3.01

Last modified: 11-19-2010@11:56 | Downloads: 1105 | Page views: 8132
FlashOnDesktop 3.01
FlashOnDesktop is a product to produce desktop application and screensaver based on flash movie(swf) files.

- Capable of producing both general desktop application and screensaver.
- Build your own installation file.
- Full transparent window support.
- Multiple windows creation.
- Simple synchronous file operation.
- Embed movie files and flash control
- extension system.

FlashOnDesktop is capable of making general executable application(exe file in windows platform). For new users, A friendly project wizard will guide you through the whole process. Besides, FlashOnDesktop has the capability of making screensavers based on flash movie files.

FlashOnDesktop supports pixel-wised transparent window, so you may create irregular shaped window based on the alpha value in pixel of the flash movie. The window styles can also be tweaked one by one.