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Selteco Flash Designer 5.0

Last modified: 11-14-2004@01:30 | Downloads: 3500 | Page views: 15042
Selteco released a new version of Flash Designer. It provides more than 130 predefined animation effects (fades, rotations, zooms, shifts, stretches, ...) supports basic functions like gotoAndPlay and all built-in ActionScript functions and classes

• Use more than 130 predefined animation effects like fades, a variety of rotations, squeezes, pumps, fly ins, a variety of zooms, flips, shifts, peeks and hides, covers and uncovers, and stretches.
• Built-in browser displays your animation exactly as it will appear on the Web
• Export SWF files, size optimized for faster display
• Copy&Paste HTML code necessary to integrate SWF file with your page
• import .jpg, .gif, .bmp, and animated .gifs.
• Convert GIF Animations to Flash animations
• Create a Master Frame, which can contain elements that remain throughout the animation
• Slideshow wizard
• Advanced designers can program the behavior of the elements in ActionScript.