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Away 3D 4.1 alpha

Last modified: 04-21-2013@23:05 | Downloads: 4546 | Page views: 27880
Away 3D 4.1 alpha
Away3D is a realtime 3D engine for Flash in ActionScript 3.0, originally derived from Papervision3D. Away3D engine is designed to be fast and extensible. Away3D = Amazing Games, Websites and Applications

- Import/export of several popular formats, including animated meshes
- 25+ useful primitives and a solid selection of material types that you can easily extend yourself (see below).
- Several renderers offering varying degrees of complexity vs speed.
- Solid Actionscript API that is now in the fourth iteration. Version 4.0 and upwards will support the Stage3D API (aka Molehill) taking the rendering from the CPU to the GPU. This will enable polycounts that are in the millions rather than the 4-8 thousand that are possible with the Flash Player 10 version of Away3D
- Away3D is also the only Open Source 3D library for the Flash Player that is still actively maintained and keeps adding support for new features and new Flash Players