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Riva FLV Encoder 2.0

Last modified: 04-10-2005@12:15 | Downloads: 6809 | Page views: 20207
New version of popular free Riva FLV Encoder creates flv 1.1 and comes with new features. Transode your existing AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, WMV videofiles to the advanced FLV format with this free tool. Also includes the free Riva FLV Player.

New features:

• FLV 1.1 (Metadata with duration and further information about the video). Due to this crubbing is possible directly in the Riva FLV Player. This features could be implemented because of the FLVTool2 from inlet media. Many thanks!
• Crop of the video (Parts of the video can be cut off)
• Padding of the video (Left, right, top and bottom borders can be defined with a custom color). Due to this cinema borders can be inserted
• With the settings of the startoffset and a duration it is possible to cut the video
• Drag-n-Drop of video source files directly on the encoder
• FLV,DV and MP4 as video source files added


• custom settings for audio- and video-encoding
• deinterlace
• image extraction
• FLV 1.1 (metadata)
• Custom colored borders (Padding)
• Crop parts of the video
• Cutting with a startoffset and a encode duration
• Drag-b-drop of video files directly on the encoder
• Audio parameter check
• language: english, french and german