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rChart Pro&Enterprise 1.5.3

Last modified: 07-15-2004@01:24 | Downloads: 3086 | Page views: 14763
rChart Pro&Enterprise 1.5.3
rChart facilitates the creation of animated graphs and charts. It has a wealth of predefined charting styles and the ability to create your own. Export the charts to Flash format for Web/Browser viewing or for integration within PowerPoint presentations.

Data Import Options
• rChart version 1.2 now includes an add-in for Excel
• Draw data from any database where an ODBC driver is available (including Access, SQL/Server, Oracle, DB2, etc)
• Text files - any delimited text file format (including csv)
• Copy and paste from spreadsheets or other data sources
• Directly edit/add data values within integrated edit view
• Single or Multiple data series sources are supported
• Images may be inserted as a backdrop to your chart
• Audio import permits you to add a voiced explanation of graph details

Productivity Features
• Style gallery - use any of the predefined styles or create your own and add it to the gallery
• Property sheet view to adjust all charting attributes
• One-step web publishing - create a web page from your chart at the push of a button (Enterprise/Studio editions)

Presentation Features
• \\\"3D\\\" visual enhancement effects such as perspective, bevel-edge, and drop shadows
• Multiple-chart feature allows you to combine and overlay any number of different charts into a single presentation
• \\\"Drill down\\\" feature - adds web navigation to displayed data to create interactive drill-down presentations
• \\\"Auto-text\\\" - current date/time, file name, author\\\'s name, and many other items can be included automatically in title/footer text