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Easy Flash Uploader 2.0

Last modified: 10-12-2011@13:27 | Downloads: 460 | Page views: 6014
Easy Flash Uploader 2.0
Easy Flash Uploader is a flash based single and multiple file uploader that can be integrated into any website or web-based system with relative ease without the prior knowledge of programming.

- Supports multiple and single file uploads.
- Supports progress bar to show progress of upload.
- Supports all modern server side languages such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, CFM, CGI/PERL, PYTHON, RUBY and so on.
- Works on all common browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera etc.
- Integrates easily with already existing HTML forms.
- The uploaders can be made to blend with the site’s outlook by just configuring the CSS.
- Every aspect of the uploaders can be controlled by config variables in JavaScript.
- Works with more than 2 GB of files.
- Supports image preview, audio preview, file type icon display etc (depending on the version you purchase).