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Slick TV Studio 1.0

Last modified: 05-10-2004@01:52 | Downloads: 1193 | Page views: 8853
Slick TV Studio is a new tool from the authors of Jugglor. It is development tool for creating custom multimedia applications that connect the Internet and the desktop for online and offline user experiences. Available in Standard and Pro versions.

• Experience wizard-like format to select features and settings of application
• Work with Drag & Drop interface
• Develop branded application to reflect company/organisation, product or brand image
• Import images for application skins, icons, animations
• Name your application - Slick TV Studio is behind the scenes, it's your app now
• Extend application capability to create customisable web browser
• ID Tag your application
• Use application as vehicle to deliver content direct to prime desktop space
• Offer news, entertainment, e-commerce, e-learning, Flash movies, SWFs, wallpapers, Video movies, even pay-to-view content and live chat rooms
• Play any media video file that Windows, Real, or QuickTime Media supports
• Feature your website in application to allow online and offline viewing
• Upload and push content updates to users' applications - schedule automatic updates
• Control online or offline viewing of content on application
• Use Slick TV Studio's Content Management System to create packages of files and upload files them to server - no 3rd party tools or special servers needed

Program Support/Compatibility

• Developed for Win 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP.
• Supports ActiveX equivalent of Windows Media
• Supports Real One, QuickTime, Java and other functions if used in web browser
• Supports the IE web browser