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SWFkit Pro 2.2

Last modified: 12-07-2004@01:33 | Downloads: 2342 | Page views: 14507
SWFKit Pro 2.2 is available. SWFKit is a tool to create s32-bit Windows applications(Projectors or Screen savers) and Setup Programs from flash. SWFKit is based on FFish script (a script language similar to ActionScript)

FFish Script provides most objects and functions that defined in ECMA 262 language specification, plus many enhancements:

• ActiveXObject object: Enables and returns a reference to an Automatic Object. You can access properties, methods and evens exposed by the ActiveX Object just as invoke a method provides by any FFish Script Objects.
• Enumerator Object: Enumerate items in a collection object.
• RegKey ObjectL: Access windows registry.
• Ini Object: Access initialization files.
• Dialogs object: Provides methods to take advantage of windows common dialogs. FFish Script Dialogs Object supports message boxes, file open dialogs, file save dialogs, color dialogs and the browse for folder dialogs.
• Shell Object: Provides ability to invoke Windows shell functions just like execute applications, get environment variables, get special folders, etc.
• Shortcut Object: Creates, opens and manipulates a shortcut.
• MCI Object: Provides access to the Media Control Interface (MCI), which provides standard commands for playing multimedia devices and recording multimedia resource files.
• Mail Object: Handles a mail using the MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) protocol.
• SendMail Object: Sends an email via Internet using the SMTP (SIMPLE MAIL TRANSFER PROTOCOL) protocol.
• RecvMail Object: Receives emails using the POP3 (Post Office Protocol - Version 3) protocol.
• Inet Object: Gets system network configurations, downloads files, checks the Internet connection status, etc.
• SysInfo Object: Retrieves system information.
• Folder Object: Provides access to all the properties of a folder.
• File Object: Provides access to all the properties of a file.
• Drive Object: Provides access to the properties of a particular disk drive.
• Stream Object: Facilitates sequential access to file.
• Window Object: Provides access to windows.
• FlashPlayer Object: Provides access to the Macromedia Flash Player. This object encapsulates all methods of the Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX object. Furthermore, This object provides a way to exchange data between the FFish Script and the Macromedia Flash ActionScript.
• StringStream Object: Represents a binary stream in memory.
• Socket Object: Represents a Windows Socket

Moreover, SWFkit provides you with a clip region maker, to create applications with custom shaped window, or even leave some region transparent. For a complete list of features, please visit the official website.