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Sparkle SWF Optimizer 1.0

Last modified: 04-27-2004@00:52 | Downloads: 2830 | Page views: 12340
Sparkle SWF Optimizer 1.0
Yet another Flash file optimizer tool which promises to squeeze your SWF files up to 70% without the loss of quality. It works with Flash 3, flash 4, flash 5 and Flash MX.

 Revolutionary compression methods to optimize SWF files up to 70%;
 Works with Flash 3, flash 4, flash 5 and flash mx;
 It won\\\'t change flash version after optmizing;
 Add protection to the optimized flash file;
 Backup flash file before optimizing it;
 View selected swf file with built-in player directly;
 Identify the bad files, optimized files, normal files automatically.