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SEPY 1.5.3

Last modified: 11-06-2005@22:55 | Downloads: 6540 | Page views: 25800
SEPY 1.5.3
SE|PY is a FREE ActionScript editor for Macromedia Flash files. If you’re currently not satisfied with the Flash IDE editor or you’re already using Scite|Flash (also a great editor!) you maybe interested in this editor

• Code folding (collapsing/expand) , code highlighting
• Auto Completion for default flash functions
• Flush Support (Flush, compile, test movie, view output) for Flash mx 2004 too
• Print out and save html document from your .as files
• Smart Snippet panel, todo panel, file panel, flash api panel
• ClassBrowser integration
• Flash mx 2004 project file integration
• Possibility to define classpaths (add the autocompletion)
• XML structure reader (for dom query)
• Flash MX 2004 Help panel (* only with Flash mx 2004 installed)
• Program Menu localization with XML files
• Automatic JavaDoc creation from methods