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AssetsProtector 1.1.0

Last modified: 10-14-2011@02:36 | Downloads: 810 | Page views: 6548
AssetsProtector 1.1.0
Assets Protector is a toolset available for Windows, MacOS and Linux(*) to protect all your assets used in a project based on the Flash Platform. Assets Protector protects any asset type e.g. SWF, PNG

- Protect any file type using encryption e.g. SWF, PNG, JPEG, XML, JSON
- Batch protecting (limited to 5 assets in free version)
- Simplyfies assets loading and management - also for non protected assets
- Command line integration (full version only)
- Save and load project presets (full version only)
- Automatically create a HTML wrapper file from customisable templates
- Define a custom preloader

Assets Protector consits of the following components:

** Protector Machine
The Protector Machine is the main tool based on Adobe Air to protect your assets.

** Protector Agent
The Protector Agent acts as preloader for your protected assets and decrypts them on runtime.

** Assets Loader
The Assets Loader is an Actionscript 3 code library to handle and manage the loading of your assets - protected or not.