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PHP Turbine 7.0

Last modified: 04-27-2011@01:15 | Downloads: 2960 | Page views: 12487
PHP Turbine 7.0
PHP Flash Turbine generates template based dynamic Flash right from your PHP script pages - images, streaming sound, text media and XML can be included on the generated Flash movies.

- Turbine Media Markup Language that can express all the rich media capabilities: text, images, shapes, movie clips, buttons, scripting, video and audio
- Extensive data integration capabilities - from XML, Database RecordSets to plain old text files, local or remote
- Dynamic Chart generation - chart types can be customized and new types created
- Includes text, images, video and audio from local or remote locations
- Includes an Action Script (ECMA-262 Script or JavaScript) on-the-fly compiler
- Full Flash MX support with extensive component integration
- Unicode text and font support for double-byte languages
- Server media caching