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ASP Turbine 7.0

Last modified: 09-18-2003@22:05 | Downloads: 2251 | Page views: 13035
ASP Turbine 7.0
ASP Flash Turbine creates dynamic Flash content from Active Server Page scripts. You can include images, streaming sound and text media - and by using common ASP scripting any database content or XML can be included on generated Flash movies.

 Data integration capabilities - from XML, ADO.NET Data Sets,
Data Tables or Data Views, ADO RecordSets or plain old text files, local
or remote.
 Dynamic Chart generation - chart types can be customized and new types
 Includes images from a variety of formats, from local or remote
 Integrates video from AVI, QuickTime, FLV and Animated GIFs.
 Integrates MP3 and WAV for streaming or event sound generation.
 Includes on-the-fly Action Script (ECMAScript or JavaScript) compiler.
 Auto-generation of the HTML plug-in page.
 Server media caching.
 Optimizes generated movie sizes.

Also available in ASP.NET edition